Closer to Real

My name is Maura Lin. I write about life – real life. It’s definitely not fantasy, but it might be fiction. Nothing magical, nothing illusory, but always possible.

No, it’s not escapist, but if you feel alone – it helps to connect to stories, photographs, ideas, poetry in any form that’s validating, and that helps you to feel less alone.

I do have a philosophy that guides my writing: That every living person in this world is as worthy as anyone else. Also, that perfection in the human form does not exist.

Another thing: We are all capable of change – in any direction, whether it’s moving forward or back, positively or negatively, up or down.

The health of our entire world depends on accepting the truths and reality we see everyday. That means being honest about our experiences, being responsible for oneself and one’s actions, and assuming that every life around us is as important as our own.

Everyone has a story. To pass judgements and take action without knowing the story, or within a vacuum, is counter to knowing the truth, and to solving real problems.

The stories and essays I write are efforts to elucidate and to understand what makes us the creatures we are, and what makes us act in a particular way, right or wrong, moral or amoral. Understanding why is a first step in determining what mechanisms can impart change for the better, and hopefully improve the world for every living creature. It’s an ongoing process.

So, I welcome you to read about, view, and contemplate aspects of life that may be inspiring, validating, and worthy of thought, whether or not that matter is pleasant.

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